Monday, October 10, 2011

Some little fortifications masters

In a small break from painting, I thought I would try making a few little scenics for the artillery. I haven't been able to find any suitable gabions or fortifications in 10mm. So a bit of greenstuff and air drying clay was used for the masters. I plan on making molds of them when they dry and cast them in resin, so the masters are pretty generic.

Prototypes gabions made out of bluetac to get the sizing right
3 gabions in a group like this could either be the front or the side

Wooden fortifications for one and two guns

Testing for size

With the air dry clay as earthworks, before texturing. This shows the two together making a corner.

Greenstuff gabions and a tent

Now back to painting while these dry. I hope to make up the molds over the next few days.

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