1815 OOB Progress

Completed units have been coloured in

French Order of Battle

The Emperor Napoleon
Marshal Ney
Marshal Soult

Imperial Guard Corps: commanded by General Mortier

1st Division (Old Guard): commanded by General Friant
1st Grenadiers à Pied
2nd Grenadiers à Pied
1st Chasseurs à Pied
2nd Chasseurs à Pied

2nd Division (Middle Guard): commanded by General Morand
3rd Grenadiers à Pied
4th Grenadiers à Pied
3rd Chasseurs à Pied
4th Chasseurs à Pied

3rd Division (Young Guard): commanded by General Duhesme
1st Tirailleurs
3rd Tirailleurs
1st Voltigeurs
3rd Voltigeurs

Guard Cavalry:
Grenadiers à Cheval
Empress Dragoons
Chasseurs à cheval
Chevaux-legers lanciers

Artillery: St Maurice
3 12lb Batteries
1 12lb Battery

1st Corps: commanded by Marshall D’Erlon

7th Hussars
3rd Chasseurs à Cheval
3rd Lanciers
4th Lanciers

1st Division: commanded by General Allix
54th Regiment of the Line
55th Regiment of the Line
28th Regiment of the Line
105th Regiment of the Line

2nd Division: commanded by General Donzelot
13th Light Regiment
17th Regiment of the Line
19th Regiment of the Line
51st Regiment of the Line

3rd Division: commanded by General Marcognet
21st Regiment of the Line
46th Regiment of the Line
25th Regiment of the Line
45th Regiment of the Line

4th Division: commanded by General Durutte
8th Regiment of the Line
29th Regiment of the Line
85th Regiment of the Line
95th Regiment of the Line

2nd Corps: commanded by General Reille

1st Chasseurs à Cheval
6th Chasseurs à Cheval
5th Lancers
6th Lancers

5th Division: commanded by General Bachlu
2nd Light Regiment
61st Regiment of the Line
72nd Regiment of the Line
108th Regiment of the Line

6th Division: commanded by General Prince Jerome Bonaparte
1st Light Regiment
3rd Regiment of the Line
1st Regiment of the Line
2nd Regiment of the Line

7th Division commanded by General Girard
11th Light Regiment
82nd Regiment of the Line
12th Light Regiment
4th Regiment of the Line

9th Division: commanded by General Foy
92nd Regiment of the Line
93rd Regiment of the Line
100th Regiment of the Line
4th Light Regiment

3rd Corps: commanded by General Vandamme

4th Chasseurs à Cheval
9th Chasseurs à Cheval
12th Chasseurs à Cheval

8th Division: commanded by General Lefol
15th Light Regiment
23rd Regiment of the Line
37th Regiment of the Line
64th Regiment of the Line

10th Division: commanded by General Habert
11th Regiment of the Line
34th Regiment of the Line
22nd Regiment of the Line
77th Regiment of the Line
2nd Swiss Infantry

11th Division: commanded by General Berthezène
12th Regiment of the Line
56th Regiment of the Line
33rd Regiment of the Line
86th Regiment of the Line

6th Corps: commanded by General Mouton

19th Division: commanded by General Zimmer
5th Regiment of the Line
11th Regiment of the Line
27th Regiment of the Line
84th Regiment of the Line

20th Division: commanded by General Jeannin
5th Light Regiment
10th Regiment of the Line
47th Regiment of the Line
107th Regiment of the Line

21st Division: commanded by General Teste
8th Light Regiment
40th Regiment of the Line
65th Regiment of the Line
75th Regiment of the Line

1st Cavalry Corps: commanded by General Pajol

Division Subervie:
1st Lancers
2nd Lancers
11th Chasseurs à Cheval

3rd Cavalry Corps: commanded by General Kellerman

Division L’Heritier:
2nd Dragoons
7th Dragoons
8th Cuirassiers
11th Cuirassiers

Division d’Hurbal:
1st Carabiniers
2nd Carabiniers
2nd Cuirassiers
3rd Cuirassiers

4th Cavalry Corps: commanded by General Milhaud

Division Wathier:
1st Cuirassiers
4th Cuirassiers
7th Cuirassiers

Division Delort:
5th Cuirassiers
10th Cuirassiers
6th Cuirassiers

Allied Order of Battle

The Duke of Wellington
Prince Willem of Orange
Lieutenant General Sir William Hill
Lieutenant General Prince Frederich, Duke of Brunswick
Quartermaster General: Major General Sir George Murray
Adjutant General: Major General Sir Edward Barnes

Royal Horse Artillery:
Mercer’s Troop
Bull’s Troop
Ramsey’s Troop
The Rocket Troop

The Cavalry:  the Earl of Uxbridge:
Household Brigade: Major General Lord Somerset
1st Life Guards
2nd Life Guards
Royal Horse Guards
King’s Dragoon Guards

Union Brigade: Major General Sir William Ponsonby
1st Royal Dragoons
the Royal Scots Greys
6th Inniskilling Dragoons

3rd Cavalry Brigade: Major General Dornberg
1st Light Dragoons, King’s German Legion
2nd Light Dragoons, King’s German Legion
23rd Light Dragoons (British)

4th Cavalry Brigade: Major General Sir John Vandeleur
11th Light Dragoons (British)
12th Light Dragoons (British)
16th Light Dragoons (British)

5th Cavalry Brigade: Major General Grant
15th Hussars (British)
7th Hussars (British)
13th Light Dragoons (British)

6th Cavalry Brigade: Major General Sir Hussey Vivian
10th Hussars (British)
18th Hussars (British)
1st Hussars, King’s German Legion

7th Cavalry Brigade: Colonel Ahrentschildt
2nd Hussars, King’s German Legion

Netherlands Cavalry Division: Lieutenant General Baron de Collaert

Heavy Brigade: Major General Trip
1st Carabinier Regiment
2nd Carabinier Regiment
3rd Carabinier Regiment

1st Light Brigade: Major General Baron de Ghigny
4th Light Dragoon Regiment
8th Hussar Regiment

2nd Light Brigade: Major General van Merlen
6th Hussar Regiment
4th Light Dragoon Regiment

Brunswick Cavalry:
2nd Hussar Regiment

Hannover Cavalry:
Duke of Cumberland Hussar Regiment

1st Foot Guards Division: Major General Cooke

1st Brigade: Major General Maitland
2nd Battalion 1st Foot Guards
3rd Battalion 1st Foot Guards

2nd Brigade: Major General Byng
2nd Battalion 2nd Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards
2nd Battalion 3rd Foot Guards

2nd Division: Major General Sir Henry Clinton

3rd Brigade: Major General Adam
1st Battalion 52nd Light Infantry
1st Battalion 71st Highland Light Infantry
2nd Battalion 95th Rifles

1st Brigade, King’s German Legion: Colonel de Plat
1st Line Battalion, King’s German Legion
2nd Line Battalion, King’s German Legion
3rd Line Battalion, King’s German Legion
4th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion

3rd Hannover Brigade: Colonel Halkett
4 Landwehr battalions

3rd Division:  Major General Alten

2nd Brigade, King’s German Legion: Colonel Baron Ompteda
5th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion
8th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion
1st Light Infantry, King’s German Legion
2nd Light Infantry, King’s German Legion

5th Brigade: Major General Sir Colin Halkett
2nd Battalion, 30th Foot
1st Battalion, 33rd Foot
2nd Battalion, 69th Foot
2nd Battalion, 73rd Foot

1st Hannover Brigade: Major General Kielmannsegge
2 Light Infantry Battalions
3 Battalions
Company of Jaegers

4th Division: Lieutenant General Colville

4th Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell
1st Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 23rd Foot
3rd Battalion, 14th Foot
1st Battalion, 51st Light Infantry

5th Division: Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton

8th Brigade: Major General Kempt
1st Battalion, 28th Foot
1st Battalion, 32nd Foot
1st Battalion, 79th Highlanders
1st Battalion, 95th Rifles

9th Brigade: Major General Pack
2nd Battalion, 44th Foot
3rd Battalion, 1st Foot, the Royal Regiment
1st Battalion, 92nd Highlanders
1st Battalion, 42nd Highlanders

5th Hannover Brigade: Colonel von Vincke
Landwehr Battalion Hameln
Landwehr Battalion Gifhorn
Landwehr Battalion Hildesheim
Landwehr Battalion Peine

6th Division: Lieutenant General Sir Lowry Cole

10th Brigade: Major General Lambert
1st Battalion, 40th Foot
1st Battalion, 27th Foot
1st Battalion, 4th Foot, King’s Own Royal Regiment

4th Hannover Brigade: Colonel Best
Landwehr Battalion Osterode
Landwehr Battalion Minden
Landwehr Battalion Luneburg
Landwehr Battalion Verden

Brunswickers: by Colonel Olferman
Jeager Batttalion

Light Brigade:
Leib Light Infantry Battalion
1st Light Infantry Battalion
2nd Light Infantry Battalion
3rd Light Infantry Battalion

Line Brigade:
1st Line Battalion
2nd Line Battalion
3rd Line Battalion

Nassauers: Major General von Kruse
1st Battalion, 1st Line Infantry
2nd Battalion, 1st Line Infantry
Landwehr Infantry

2nd Netherlands Div: Lieutenant General Baron Perponcher-Sedlnitzky.

1st Brigade: Major General Graf van Bijlandt
7th (Belgian) Line Regiment
7th (Dutch) Militia
8th (Dutch) Militia
27th (Dutch) Jaeger Regiment
5th (Dutch) Militia

2nd Nassau Brigade: Major General Prince Bernard of Saxe-Weimar
3 battalions of the 2nd Nassau Regiment
2 battalions of the 28th Ober Nassau Regiment
Jaegers of the 28th Ober Nassau Regiment

3rd Netherlands Division: Lieutenant General Baron Chasse

1st Brigade: commanded by Colonel Detmers
35th (Belgian) Jaeger
2nd (Dutch) Line Regiment
4th (Dutch) Line Regiment
6th (Dutch) Line Regiment
19th (Dutch) Militia

2nd Brigade: commanded by Major General d’Aubreme
12th (Dutch) Line Regiment
13th (Dutch) Line Regiment
3rd (Dutch) Militia
10th (Dutch) Militia
3rd (Belgian) Jaeger
36th (Belgian) Jaeger

Prussian Order of Battle

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