Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review of Fernando Enterprises Painting Service

Moustaches on 10mm Cuirassiers
I met Sanarth the owner of Fernanado Enterprises at Cancon, displaying his company's work in a number of impressive displays. While he had no 10mm on display, he assured me that the wargamer standard would be more than enough for the results I was seeking. So I brought back some of my backlog to see what he could do with them.

I had detailed instructions with uniform guides from for each of the units. I think this is important to make it easier for the painters and less chance of disappointment.

I was really impressed with the communication during the process. They sent through pictures of a sample of each unit for approval before continuing to paint the rest. Overall it took just on 8 weeks to paint and freight them back. The return freight service was very quick and I tracked it online to see its progress.

The packaging was impressive. Each 10mm figure was wrapped in a strip of bubble wrap, then in an individual plastic bag, then grouped and labeled in a larger bag. There was no missing figures.

The units I had painted were from Bend Sinister's Redline range :

  • 36 Household Cavalry
  • 24 1st Dragoon Guards
  • 24 6th Dragoons
  • 4 x 30 KGL Battalions
  • 24 Cuirassiers
  • 24 Empress Dragoons
  • 48 Carabiniers
  • 32 Guard Lancers
  • 3 x 36 French Line
212 Cavalry ready for flocking
The price was very reasonable - $1 USD per cavalry, and 50c USD per infantry. Sanarth also offers a service to order directly from the manufacturer. This would mean a unit of 24 painted cavalry would cost about $36USD sent to me.

The results were great, better than I could do. Nice clean edge lines, moustaches on the Cuirassiers (in 10mm!) clean bridles with silver buckles, socks on the horses. Really fine work for such small figures. To blend them into the rest of my collection I glued them on bases, did a quick magic wash, then flocked them.

I am very happy with the service from Sanarth and his friendly team, and will definitely be using them again. Their professional communication, fast turn around and great work is to be commended. Waterloo in 2015 looks very achievable from here.

The box was very well packed, nothing damaged

Each unit was in a separate bag and labeled

Each figure was it ints own bag, most were bubble wrapped
Before magic washing
See the detail on the saddle edging
Very clean work, especially on cuffs and collars

Friday, March 16, 2012

Where is Bo-peep?

I saw a great 6mm battle of Borodino at CANCON that featured some sheep as part of the terrain. There were from Irregular miniatures, who also made them in 10mm. I ordered a bunch of miscellaneous 10mm livestock from Nic at Eureka Miniatures, who very kindly included a couple of surprise additions.

So far I have only painted the sheep and cattle and a couple of wolves (the surprise). Still to go are some horses, oxen and some pack horses. They painted up very quickly and are a nice little addition on the table.

Lets get the flock out of here

Big bad wolf and his brother

Lets get moooooving

Nice collection of livestock

10mm sheep on 30mm discs


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roman Teddy Bear Chess Set

The Roman Civil Wars with Teddy Bears
Eureka has a line of fantastic Roman Teddy Bears - name "I Cuddlius". Sculpted by the talented Mike Broadbent, this line shows a very subtle sense of humour, from the rubber ducky and rocking chair standards, to the matchstick spears dripping with honey.

Having spotted these at CANCON, my daughter decided it would make a great present for my father's birthday - as a chess set. We quickly found enough different poses to have a Roman Civil War set - Pretorians vs Legionaries. With help from my son, the three of us painted, dipped, flocked and made our way to a very nice result. The board was made with some laser cut 40 x 40mm MDF Bases. These were spray painted red and blue, before being glued down and varnished.

Check out Eureka's other lines - Teddy Bear Zulu's, Cowboys, Pirates, Seven Years Wars all asking to be made into some very cool chess sets.  Also the Pax Limpopo, Frog wars and many other whimsical figures.

Pawns on the Red team

The Blue Pawns with their matchstick spears

The Red Queen riding a hobby horse and blowing her own trumpet

The Red King on his horse leading a charge

The Blue King

The Red Rook with rocking horse standard

The Blue Rook with rubber ducky standard and honey pot emblem

The Blue Knights

The Red Knight, with Bishop behind with the horn

Overview of the board

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Now Maitland, now's your time!

Maitland's guard stood up along the ridge late in the afternoon, fired a volley and send the French Middle Guard Chasseurs back down in disarray. They were based next to Hougoumont on the western flank of the Allied lines.

The other brigade, Byng's, fought defending Hougoumont  in Waterloo and in the Bossu Wood at Quatre Bras. Some of the heaviest fighting in both battles.

These were some of the biggest units at Waterloo, certainly some of the better quality on the Allied side.

4 Guard Battalions on the ridge
David Young from the UK painted for me these British Guard's Brigades - 4 battalions 48 figures strong.  He did a great job, especially considering these are only 10mm. Figures are Redline.

I just need to get some light companies together to complete the 1st British Division.

Major General Byng

Major General Maitland and his Brigade

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reille's II Corp

Reille's II Corps
Comte Honore Charles Reille commanded the II Army Corps of the Armee De Nord. The Corps numbered some 20,000 men in three Divisions of infantry (5th, 6th and 7th) and one Division of Light Cavalry (2nd) and a small reserve of artillery. They were the main force at Quatre Bras under Marshall Ney, and took the West flank at Waterloo. There they were sucked into the unsuccessful assault on Hougoumont for most of the day.

Prince Jerome Bonaparte's 6th Division was the largest with 7900 men, just under 400 figures. I have 12 x 36 figure battalions which make it over strength.

The effort by David Young in painting close to 500 French Line and Light made it possible to finish off this Corps. The whole of the 6th Division's infantry are David's work. In total there is more than 1000 infantry, 96 Cavalry, 20 guns with limbers etc.

Looking at the pictures, I have missed out one Foot Artillery battery from Bachelu's Division, which I have in the drawer. I also am short on leaders for the Corps, some ADC's have graciously stepped in while the leaders are found. Aside from these small omissions it is done.

I just need to finish off some Guard Chasseurs a Cheval and Lancers and the French OOB for Quatre Bras is complete. Oh and a Ney figure.
Pire's 2nd Cavalry Division

Bachelu's 5th Infantry Division
Prince Jerome's 6th Infantry Division

Foy's 9th Infantry Division

The Emperor briefing Reille on taking Quatre Bras