Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reinforcements arrive from England

898 10mm figures in Perry boxes
The latest troops are just off the boat from England ready for battle. A bit disorganised they need to assemble into units and find their bases before being ready for a parade. This should take a week or so.

I just received a package from David Young, a talented painter from the UK that is helping me get ahead of the 10mm pile. He painted 898 infantry for me - French and British, all Redline figures. This helps finish off Reille's Corps, as well as making a dent in the British Divisions. The list includes

  • Prince Jerome's  Division 
    • 6 French Line Battalions
    • Some French Light troops
    • 6 French Light Battalions
  • Maintland and Byng's Guards Brigades
    • 4 British Guard Battalions
  • Halkett's Brigade
    • 4 British Line Battalions
  • Du Plat's Brigade
    • 3 KGL Battalions
His style matches really well with my own, nice clean blocking of colours, black wash, and much finer lines than me. A really nice job. Great to deal with and good value. Anyone interested in commissioning him contact me and I will pass on his email. I'll do some closeups when they are based.

Slowly getting organised and based - 60% stuck on the bases
All on bases

Great detail from David Young
Now to get them flocked up ...

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