Sunday, February 26, 2012

10mm display case

I found a new case on eBay for storing and displaying 10mm armies - an acrylic jewellery display box.

It has 5 draws 31 x 21 x 3cm in size and is 20.5cm high. Each drawer will fit in 22 x 36 figure infantry battalions, 10 x 24 figure cavalry regiments or 72 guns. It should fit whole 10mm Corps in the box.

The only drawback is the magnetic bases don't obviously work with them. But the box is perfect for storing and viewing the armies when not on the table. 


  1. That's brilliant! How much did you pay?

    1. I paid $85 with postage. Initially I thought it was expensive, then I thought about the value of the figures, and it seemed a good investment to protect them. I have seen lots of cheaper boxes, but none so far with only 3cm deep drawers. They look great.

  2. Thats amazing - I found almost exactly the same thing today in the $2 shop .. clear hard plastic 'ladies shoe box' that is the perfect size for my 15mm troops.

    I am going back tomorrow with the van, and buying up ALL of their stock of these. The figures look excellent in their shiny new dust-proof display cases.

    Brilliant find.

  3. Nice solution to storing your 10s! I use semi-clear boxes designed to fit in toolboxes currently but I like your method better.