Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bossu Wood

The Bossu Wood was an important feature of the Quatre Bras battlefield. It was approximately 2000 yards long and around 500 yards wide running south west from the crossroads at Quatre Bras. Made up mostly of Beech trees with a few Oak trees here and there. There were open patches, thick parts and paths going through it. Some of it was even described as park like. Unfortunately the wood no longer stands today.

Four battalions of Nassauers started the battle there and desperately fought to hold it throughout the day. Possession of the wood changed hands a number of times between the French and Allied foces, as reinforcements from both sides poured into the fray.

In the rules I am using - Republic to Empire, 1mm = 1 yard for the ground scale so the wood is approximately 200 x 50cm, which is a pretty dominant part of the table. And needs a lot of trees to do justice to it.

Trees bent up, bases cut and clump foliage reeady
When I heard that the Woodlands Scenic's factory had caught fire, I though I'd better buy some of their excellent trees before supply dired up. Luckily the damage was not too bad to stop long term production. So I ended up with a packet of 114 deciduous small trees 2 - 5 cm, and some clump foliage.

I cut up some 3mm MDF in a variety of shapes and bevelled the edges. The trees were easy to clean up and bend into shape. I hot glued the trees on the base before covering the bases in PVA glue and using the pre-coloured ballast and some rocks for the ground. I then airbrushed the trunks various shades of brown and grey. The flock was applied in patched and then the trees covered in Hobby Tac glue from Woodland Scenics and let to dry a little. Hobby tac is strange stuff. I don't think it ever dries, it is always tacky. The trees armatures were put into a container of clump foliage and then tidied up.

I haven't spread them out on the table yet, but I think they are enough there for maybe a third of the wood. Enough to start with anyway. I had a few little trees left over and made a couple of orchards. It's great value from one packet of armatures.

Based with pre-coloured ballast and little rocks

Trunks airbrushed

Flock added

Clump foliage arranged


  1. Finished product - WOW ! Looks very very good, thanks for posting.

  2. Great looking trees. They should spruce up the battlefield no end.