Saturday, February 11, 2012

Forest Fillers

The wood here is 180 x 65cm, easily big enough
To help fill in the giant Bossu woods I have made some small scenic bases. These will go in between the trees to give a "filled in" look but still allowing troop movement. The forest needs to be 200 cm long and 50 cm wide to be consistent with the 10mm ground scale for Republic to Empire.

The scenic fillers were based on random pieces of 3mm MDF that had the corners rounded and edges bevelled. Rocks were hot glued on, before pre-coloured ballast was added. Then flock and bushes were finally added. No painting needed, which speeds things up. Twenty were done in about an hour and a half - most of the time is waiting for the glue to dry.

They fit in really well with the other trees I made. There are also a bunch of 50 little spruce trees I also finished this afternoon. The Bossu Wood is now complete.

Bases with rocks hot glued on
Coloured ballast and small rocks glued on

Scenic bases breaking up the forest

1/2nd and 2/2nd Nassau Regiments moving into position

Major General Perponcher leading the 7th Belgian Line into position

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  1. These look excellent. Very nice work indeed, and they look very cool on the battlefield.