Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Emperor's Beautiful Daughters (and ugly step sisters)

Three batteries of the Emperor's finest - 12lb Old Guard foot artillery, affectionately know as his beautiful daughters. I'm not sure how these will fit into the game, as I only have 4 battalions of French line infantry at the moment. I suspect I will be like the Emperor and not use them, except on very special occasions. But they look good.
Old Guard Foot Artillery - 12 x 12lbs

And the "Ugly Step Sisters" a French Line Foot artillery battery and a French Line Horse artillery battery.  They aren't that ugly, just our numbered and outgunned. I suspect they will see a lot more action than the pretty ones. More likely to join the fledgling French brigade hoping to stop the Brunswick Black Band from escaping. Just a few more things to get ready before the first game.

French Line Foot Artillery - 3 x 8lbs and 1x 5.5 lb howitzer
French Line Horse Artillery - 3 x 8lbs and 1x 5.5 lb howitzer

In R2E the space behind a battery is occupied with limbers, cassions and associated bits

Monday, March 28, 2011

British Line Skirmishers

To celebrate 2000 visitors, some more figures for your viewing pleasure.

Hot out of the basing station, this half battalion of  British line skirmishers is ready to join their colleagues in harassing the French forces. Mounted in two's and a three I spent a little more time on the bases, with some tufts, little gravel and a bit of static grass. Lovely to paint, these are great little figures from Redline.

I am very grateful for the comments on the site, I am happy that others share my passion for small things.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beginnings of an Artillery Park

My French forces are currently missing artillery. One benefit of switching from 28mm down to 10mm is that artillery is more affordable. Nine 10mm guns and 36 crew cost 12 pounds from Bend Sinister plus shipping. They are also are much quicker to paint.

I've started assembling 34 French guns. The wheels are the hardest to clean up. I'll spray the carriages green, do the black metal parts, then maybe a wash/dip. The barrels will be done in bronze, then a wash. There is also a dozen limbers to go with the artillery. Not sure if I will do the guns all in the same go, or spread them out in groups of 12.

Obviously 34 guns is a lot for a small brigade! Not all will be batteries, some will go on the limber sets. But I have in mind the end size of my force of a Corps, so though I would start with the end in mind. And they look impressive - I've always wanted a Grand Battery.

Using masking tape rolled over is a little easier to hold tiny pieces for painting

A few guns and limbers here

The artillery crews have been primed in blue. They should be a quick to finish, picking out the details.
French Artillery (Redline) and some Sappers (GHQ)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some new recruits

A few more units joining up for the war.

First two units of French Legere - 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 4th Legere.  I used a bright blue undercoat, which came out quite well after the final wash.

Next a battalion of Brunswick Jaegers / Avant Garde - 15 of each, and the 1st Brunswick Light Regiment. The Jaegers / Avant Garde are based in skirmish order, ready to harass the French. All the figures are from the Redline range.

There is half a battalion of British skirmishers just waiting to be flocked up, then they will join in. Getting close to having a small brigade a side. Few more weeks I think.

Friday, March 18, 2011

10mm Dice Tower

I made this a while ago using spare Hirst Arts plaster bricks I had left over from a project. It really suits the tiny 4mm D6 I found. And it fits in the new storage box easily. Its had a bit of wear or the gargoyle wings.

10mm Redline Brunswick Line for scale.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I love 10mm

I bought a storage chest today for the growing armies. Nice and solid, good bearings, 6 drawers, two solid handles on the side and a lock. And it is in French Blue! Aim is to keep the dust off, minimise damage and keep them nicely ordered ready for a fight.

Nice Blue
It fits all my terrain, rules and small brigades with plenty of room to spare. I can fit a battle mat in as well at the moment. The three small draws can hold approximately 18 x 30 man infantry battalions each or cavalry and other bits.

Not even half full
I should have room in the two long middle draws to have an army in each, with the three top draws for miscellaneous bits. The top tray and bottom larger drawer is for terrain. The whole kit is portable - probably take two people to carry it safely. The magnetic bases of the troops stop any jostling or damage in the transport.

Room for rules, OOB's plenty of terrain

Terrain closeup

Two of the three small trays

Brunswick and British tray
French tray, bit empty really
Hills, spare buildings, swamps and a forest

Try doing this with 28mm! Now I need to fill it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On the painting bench

With the sudden increase in the Brunswick ranks, the French side is looking a little thin. I've prepped up two battalions of French Legere from Redline as a start. I used Army painter navy blue undercoat which seems very blue. I think when I wash it with the wood stain it will tone down. At least the majority of the colour is done. Some flesh, brown backpacks and rifles, white highlights and some bits of red should see them done.

Also waiting to be finished are the Brunswick Avant Garde and 1st light regiment as well as some British line skirmishers.

It will be interesting to see how they turn out with different undercoats, and how they respond to the wood stain.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10mm Eye candy

I set the troops I had painted up on the table for a trial run. I don't have enough yet for a game, but I hope this won't stay like this for long. A couple more weeks and I should have enough for a modest brigade action to try out the new scale.

While you are waiting, enjoy

Friday, March 4, 2011

More village terrain

I picked up a few resin buildings from ebay. I 'm not sure of the make. Maybe someone can recognise them. There is a church, inn, cottage, barn and bridge. They came up well with a bit of house paint and flock.