Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Emperor's Beautiful Daughters (and ugly step sisters)

Three batteries of the Emperor's finest - 12lb Old Guard foot artillery, affectionately know as his beautiful daughters. I'm not sure how these will fit into the game, as I only have 4 battalions of French line infantry at the moment. I suspect I will be like the Emperor and not use them, except on very special occasions. But they look good.
Old Guard Foot Artillery - 12 x 12lbs

And the "Ugly Step Sisters" a French Line Foot artillery battery and a French Line Horse artillery battery.  They aren't that ugly, just our numbered and outgunned. I suspect they will see a lot more action than the pretty ones. More likely to join the fledgling French brigade hoping to stop the Brunswick Black Band from escaping. Just a few more things to get ready before the first game.

French Line Foot Artillery - 3 x 8lbs and 1x 5.5 lb howitzer
French Line Horse Artillery - 3 x 8lbs and 1x 5.5 lb howitzer

In R2E the space behind a battery is occupied with limbers, cassions and associated bits

I've done 20 out of the 34 Artillery pieces in the French park. Six of the guns will go on the back of limbers, and the remaining eight will be turned into two batteries of French Line Foot artillery. I am planning 12 limbers, six with cannon and six without to make up the space behind the batteries. Just need to psyche myself up for painting 72 tiny horses. Maybe I need to do some more Infantry or Cavalry to balance things up.

A couple of nights work - 20 guns and 60 crew

Sitting in their box waiting for some action.


  1. Hi karim,
    Very nice guns,
    I like the idea of R2E with the caissions behind the guns but as I do 15mm and mostly with AB it is a very expensive extra having the limbers 1 per gun.
    Your look very sweet.

  2. Great site Karim

    And nice to see Redline stuff in use. I've only got Magister Militum and Pendraken in my 10mm collection at present. Are Redline the same people/figures as Bend Sinister? I've just emailed the latter for some 10mm Napoleonic samples.

    I'm building armies in 6mm and 10mm, for Russia 1812. but I'm nowhere as far down the road as you. I've only painted a small proportion of my figures - mostly the 6mm stuff: only 2 battalions of the 10mm! - and not based any at all! (Well, I have based a 28mm Perry/Foundry Napoleon, as a bit of commander 'eye-candy'!)

    It's great that you've collected useful links together as well. That's something I intend to do over at my blog at some point. I might well link to your blog (if I can work out how to!). I hope you might like mine:



  3. Very nice figures ._)
    Emperor's "beautiful daughters" - should actually be translated into "Daughters-in-law", which is what the French "Belle fille" (Beautiful girl) actually means.