Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I love 10mm

I bought a storage chest today for the growing armies. Nice and solid, good bearings, 6 drawers, two solid handles on the side and a lock. And it is in French Blue! Aim is to keep the dust off, minimise damage and keep them nicely ordered ready for a fight.

Nice Blue
It fits all my terrain, rules and small brigades with plenty of room to spare. I can fit a battle mat in as well at the moment. The three small draws can hold approximately 18 x 30 man infantry battalions each or cavalry and other bits.

Not even half full
I should have room in the two long middle draws to have an army in each, with the three top draws for miscellaneous bits. The top tray and bottom larger drawer is for terrain. The whole kit is portable - probably take two people to carry it safely. The magnetic bases of the troops stop any jostling or damage in the transport.

Room for rules, OOB's plenty of terrain

Terrain closeup

Two of the three small trays

Brunswick and British tray
French tray, bit empty really
Hills, spare buildings, swamps and a forest

Try doing this with 28mm! Now I need to fill it.


  1. Where did you get it from? That's just what I need for all my Napoleonics and Ancients armies!

  2. I got it at our local hardware shop "Bunnings". They have them at auto shops as well. I picked a middle of the road one, it cost $190. The cheap ones had very sloppy draws and half the price. The expensive ones too heavy.

    I figure it is a cheap insurance policy for $1000's of miniatures. One accident and there would be tears!

  3. You can get a 9 drawer version as well, but I thought it would be a bit too much to carry.