Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beginnings of an Artillery Park

My French forces are currently missing artillery. One benefit of switching from 28mm down to 10mm is that artillery is more affordable. Nine 10mm guns and 36 crew cost 12 pounds from Bend Sinister plus shipping. They are also are much quicker to paint.

I've started assembling 34 French guns. The wheels are the hardest to clean up. I'll spray the carriages green, do the black metal parts, then maybe a wash/dip. The barrels will be done in bronze, then a wash. There is also a dozen limbers to go with the artillery. Not sure if I will do the guns all in the same go, or spread them out in groups of 12.

Obviously 34 guns is a lot for a small brigade! Not all will be batteries, some will go on the limber sets. But I have in mind the end size of my force of a Corps, so though I would start with the end in mind. And they look impressive - I've always wanted a Grand Battery.

Using masking tape rolled over is a little easier to hold tiny pieces for painting

A few guns and limbers here

The artillery crews have been primed in blue. They should be a quick to finish, picking out the details.
French Artillery (Redline) and some Sappers (GHQ)

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  1. Lookingt good so far. Good luck with getting them together. We play 6mm Naps (so you can get even more bang for your buck) but you won't regret the switch down in scales - you'll find you can stage bigger battles for a start!