Thursday, March 8, 2012

Now Maitland, now's your time!

Maitland's guard stood up along the ridge late in the afternoon, fired a volley and send the French Middle Guard Chasseurs back down in disarray. They were based next to Hougoumont on the western flank of the Allied lines.

The other brigade, Byng's, fought defending Hougoumont  in Waterloo and in the Bossu Wood at Quatre Bras. Some of the heaviest fighting in both battles.

These were some of the biggest units at Waterloo, certainly some of the better quality on the Allied side.

4 Guard Battalions on the ridge
David Young from the UK painted for me these British Guard's Brigades - 4 battalions 48 figures strong.  He did a great job, especially considering these are only 10mm. Figures are Redline.

I just need to get some light companies together to complete the 1st British Division.

Major General Byng

Major General Maitland and his Brigade

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  1. They're guard-tastic!

    Amazing detail on those tiny chaps.