Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forging Ahead

Here the field forges are with Old Glory Supply Wagons.
I seem to be back on a roll with painting again. One of the projects sitting on the bench for a while was 4 French field forges from Magister Militum. These were part of building an Artillery Park, that Republic to Empire requires. Representing the various cassions, limbers and other supply elements makes it a little more realistic on the table. In 10mm this is very affordable to make.

I got two packets with two forges in each - one Line and one Guard.

Guard in front, Line behind
I found the Magistum Militium's figures alot chunkier than the Redline ones I am used to. At a distance the proportion difference are not as noticable. The forges however are superb. There was even an anvil and a bucket. I decided to keep these separate for other little diorama work later.

I still have 12 limbers and 6 cassions to finish to round out the various French Artillery parks.

A full artillery park with 2 batteries and supporting vehicles

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