Monday, October 3, 2011

Hussar !!!

After a long break between painting, life gets in the way, the drought has been broken with the new Brunswick Hussars from Bend Sinister. 48 of them! The OOB of Quatre Bras I am building towards has 36 Hussars in the Brunswick contingent, but they come in packets of 24, so I had to get two of them. I am sure they will come in handy someday.

The castings are very good, with very little flash and good definition. They have been based on the French Hussar sculpts with some nice little Brunswick touches - plumes, longer shabraques and a remodelled shako.  They are very fast to paint with a black undercoat, some dark grey dry brushing, flesh, silver and light blue piping. All in all a nice little unit.

While I was doing these I also painted the  French 7th Hussars, a bit quicker with only 24 of them. I like the colour scheme of these - green, red and yellow. Very fetching. Shame there weren't more hussars during the 100 days campaign.

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