Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little fortifications finished

Made a mold and did some trial casting in resin today.  I used the Amazing Mold Putty a two part putty that mixes in a minute and sets in about 20. Its not the most robust putty, but fine for short runs.

I used the Amazing Casting Resin which cures in 10 minutes. Second time around was better than the first, less air bubbles. Overall a great little product.

The gabion master turned out a little disappointing - looking a bit squashed. I'll paint it up and see how it went before having another go at making the master. The tent was dismal, so I made a new master and mold.

I'm very pleased at the fortifications, especially the modular nature of them. I'll cast up a number of batteries worth to have as options for games.

Putty mixed and over the masters

Masters of the redoubts

Two part casting resin that sets in about 10 minutes

Resin at about 5 minutes starting to cure

Resin cured at 10 minutes

First results, a few air bubbles and a bit of over pour but nothing a bit of sandpaper and a knife can't fix.

Brown spray undercoat
Click to see them finished ...

Painted, covered with some ballast and a bit of flock

Battery in position

Half Battery configuration

Single gun option

Putting it to the test, French Foot Artillery defend against the Brunswick Hussars.

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