Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celebrations and a Parade

9 months work (with a break in the middle)
Wow, 10,000 visitors in 9 months. I am amazed by the interest in my little project. I really appreciate the comments that people leave. Its a great encouragement when the pile of lead is so high (even with figures only 10mm high)

This calls for a celebratory parade.

All the troops I have painted this year have been set up on the board. 653 Infantry, 204 Cavalry, 32 guns with 96 crew, 16 limbers and 28 leaders. Not a bad start. I'll need to work harder to get closer to 2015.

Brunswick Corps

British Division

French Cavalry Division and Line Division
Click below for more pictures 

Lots of French Light Cavalry

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  1. You have put together a cracking collection Karim, I have some buddies doing 10mm Naps too and I know they follow your blog.