Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brunswick Corps 1815 Completed

I have finally finished the Brunswick Corps from 1815. I started full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the year and then got distracted with other side projects. After a mammoth effort over the last two days of painting the last 100 figures and basing them we're done.

The miniatures are all from Bend Sinister's Redline Range, except for the Ulhans and Leaders which are Old Glory conversions.

The OOB was taken from Quatre Bras with a few units beefed up a little. This I think represents the Brunswickers at their largest so could be useful for other battles. Its a nicely balanced Corps (actually more a Division) with a good mix of the three arms. Its a shame they were not that effective.

Now I need to ensure there are enough French to do battle with them.

I have divided them into three brigades - Light, Line and combined Cavalry and Artillery.

Light Brigade
Light Brigade
Avant Guard/ Jaegers Battalion 30 figures (600 men)
Lieb Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
1st Light Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
2nd Light Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
3rd Light Battalion 36 figures (720 men)

Line Brigade
Line Brigade
1st Line Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
2nd Line Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
3rd Line Battalion 36 figures (720 men)

Artillery / Cavalry Brigade
Cavalry / Artillery Brigade
Horse artillery 4 guns (8 guns)
Foot Artillery 4 guns (8 guns)
Ulhans 12 figures (240men)
Hussars 48 figures (960 men)

Infantry 282 figures (5640 men)
Cavalry 60 figures (1200 men)
Artillery 8 guns (16 guns)

More pictures after the break

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  1. Great work there - well done !

    They look brilliant when they all come together like that.