Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why 10mm Napoleonics?

Three questions really. Why 10mm, why Napoleonics and why another blog? Some answers ...

Firstly, why Napoleonics? The spectacle, the uniforms, tactics and strategies, the personalities, the wide range of battlefields, endless "what if" scenarios and more. I started my fascination with the period as a kid with plastic Airfix figures, and whatever metals figures I could find. Home made terrain, endless battles with the neighbour hood kids, trying to make sense of the Empire III rules all make good memories.

After a 20 year break and I rediscovered the games through 28mm and the wonders of Perry and Victrix and hard, paintable plastic. After starting a collection I realised quickly space was going to limit my appetite for large scale battles, so I had to go smaller.

It brings me to second question, why 10mm? Well 6mm seemed too small to see on the table and 15mm didn't seem enough of a space saving shift from 28mm. 10mm seemed very cheap, a reasonable growing range, easy to store and transport but most of all fast to paint. I'm not a great painter, and slow. A battalion of 28mm would take me two weeks on spare time. At this rate I would need to wait years to get divisions sized games.  But I found with 10mm, I could get a battalion painted to a reasonable finish in an evening, and based in another. And they looked good in massed numbers.

Brunswick Ulhans 10mm and 28mm

Also a large game can happen on a 6 x 4 foot board. Waterloo (a dream one day) could fit on a 12 x 6 foot setup.

So I got my first order off to Si at Bend Sinister for a French and British battle pack and some extras and begun. While waiting for the order I started making terrain. I'm a big fan of a nice terrain board, maybe a reaction to the rough stuff I made as a kid.  And the journey has begun ...

French 6th Line Lancers

Lastly why a blog? Well I couldn't find many websites around (those I did found had some great stuff) about this and thought it would be good to share what I discover. Lets see how it goes.

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