Thursday, February 3, 2011

First 10mm terrain

While waiting for my first figures to arrive,  made some initial terrain to get things going. I'm using a GW battlemat as an underlay (left over from my 28mm days) so needed some appropriate building to start things off.

Because I was using a 1:20 man scale, the buildings had to have a smaller foot print to keep realistic in size compared to the unit footprint. The ground scale is 1mm = 1 yard.

Using hard styrofoam, air drying clay and some balsa off cuts I roughly made some buildings. The church was embellished with a few Hirst Arts bricks made from dental plaster. I have a bunch of moulds I used for 28mm terrain, and a few of the detail moulds work well for 10mm.

My version of La Haye Saint

And La Belle Alliance

A church with bits of Hirst Arts Blocks

I based them on 3mm MDF and adding sand, flock and some home made trees, hedges from scourers and painted with some acrylic house paint samples.

They are a bit rough, but pass the 3ft rule quite well.

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