Friday, February 4, 2011

Basing for Republic to Empire

Republic to Empire is very flexible in its basing requirements, there is no "correct size or number of men needed on a base to be legal, as long as they are consistant.

I wanted some flexibility to have different unit formations represented on the table. Some rule sets have battallions based as one shape in the smaller scales, which I find a bit restrictive. But I also needed to consider not having them too small and fiddly on the table.

So I decided to investigate using magnetic bases for two reasons - one is they could be stuck to a thin piece of steel in the shape of the formation for ease of table movement, and two they would be less likely to move around when stored for transport. I plan to use some metal tool boxes to move them.

I sent off a custom order to Litko Game Accessories for some .8mm thick plywood bases with matching magnetic bases .5mm thick. Together they make a nice light base thay is not too thick for the figures.

The sizes I went with which seem to be working well so far.

Infantry - 15mm x 25mm for six men. With battalion sized 24 - 36+ men it allows road colums, attack columns, columns of division, lines and squares. Skirmishers were based 2 or 3 to the base with some scenic bits.

Calvary - 20mm x 40mm for 4 calvary. Again flexible for different formations .

Artillery - 25mm x 30mm for one gun and crew. It also is double an infantry base.

Limbers, artillery train - 25mm x 80mm. Shows a realistic depths behind the batteries. These warp a little when glueing but can be weighted down while they dry.

Brigadiers - 15mm x 15mm for one mounted officer. These fit in with infantry bases.

Generals of Division - 20mm x 20mm for two mounted figures.

Corps / Army Leaders - 40mm x 40mm for three mounted figures or a small scene.

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