Sunday, February 6, 2011

Napoleon 101 Podcast

For the last month I have been working my way through all 57 episodes of the Napoleon Bonaparte podcast. Presented by David Markham and Cameron Reilly, each episode runs for over an hour of interesting conversation between the two as well as some special guests in later episodes.

David has written a number of interesting books about Napoleon including "Napoleon for Dummies", "The Road to St Helena", "Napoleon's Road to Glory", "Imperial Glory" and others. He is the President of the International Napoleonic Society and has organised a number of conferences.

Cameron has been interested in Napoleon for over 20 years and is the CEO of The Podcast Network which produces the show.

It is interesting and easy listenings as the two go through Napoleon's life episode by episode. While some events take multiple episodes, it doesn't drag along and contains lots of interesting stories, quotes and intepretations of the events that go on.

I found I learnt things each episode and the 50+ episodes seemed to fly past. They were great to listen to while painting to get inspired to finish the units.

I think the shows have stopped production, which is a shame.

Well worth a listen if you are interested in the topic.

The podcast can be found at

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