Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress so far

3 weeks painting
Well my first order from Bend Sinister arrived about 3 weeks ago, up until they turned up I had spent the Christmas holidays making terrain. I go lots of trees made, some hills, and a few small buildings. I've made a small version of La Haye Saint, and have begun a version of Hougumont (this may take a little longer)

Now that the figures have arrived, I have focussed on getting at least a division up for each side so I can start to play with them. Reinforcements will be coming later as I paint them.
So far I have painted and based

  • 6 Supply wagons
  • 24 French Line Lancers
  • 12 Brunswick Ulhans
  • 60 French Ligne
  • 60 British Highlanders
  • 15 French Skirmishers
  • 4 RHA batteries with crew
I'm halfway through painting 6 RHA limbers and some French Generals. Next will be 60 British line to finish Pack's brigade and 60+ Legere and some French guns to finish off  Jamin's Brigade. Work will get busy for the rest of the month, so I may slow down my productivity here.

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