Monday, October 8, 2012

British cassions and limbers

Cassions supporting British RFA and RHA
Continuing the artillery upgrades, now it's the British turn to have some more ammunition. Six Old Glory British cassions and three scratch built limbers.

The cassions came with a six horse crew, which was too much for the base sizes that I use, so I made it a four horse crew and made an additional three limbers with the spare horses.

Quite a few more to make if each gun is to have a supporting limber or cassion.

Scratch built limbers


  1. Are you doing them to be a completist, or are they going to be ammo supply markers in play?

    1. A bit of the completist in me, but the rules I use, "Republic to Empire" by Barry Hilton, suggests that you need to allow space behind the batteries to allow for what would be the artillery park. In reality these things took up a large amount of space and restricted movement behind the batteries. This is something often overlooked in rulesets allowing for some interesting maneuverers around the batteries.

      The rules also have limited ammunition for the batteries, rolled for at the beginning of the game. I plan on making some scenic bases to hold some dice counters to keep track of them.

  2. Very nice indeed

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