Monday, October 22, 2012

100th Post

Seems like yesterday that this project started. When I wrote in my very first post that playing Waterloo was one day a dream to play. Now some 20 months later, I have almost the complete OOBs for Quatre Bras (just a few Hanoverians to organise), as well as having various other units from Waterloo done. I estimate that I am about a bit over a third of the way. Much of the last six months has been on smaller projects and gap filling, rather than great numbers of rank and file.

Some statistics on the first 100
  • First post 3rd February 2011
  • 628 days, average 1 post every 6.28 days
  • Posts - 100
  • Comments - 115
  • Followers - 86
  • Page visits - 35075
  • Most popular post - The Emperor's Beautiful Daughters
  • Total figures done - 3698 + 117 Guns
So what is coming up? There is still so much to do. Part of the challenge in making this project work is not to get too overwhelmed. By concentrating on discrete blocks, particular Divisions or Brigades, the sense of completion provides the enthusiasm for the next part. In the next year I aim to -
  • sort out the Hanoverian contingent
  • begin the Imperial Guard infantry
  • fill in the Gaps in the British line
  • finish off the outstanding Cavalry and Artillery for both French and Allies
  • finish off the Nassau contingent
  • complete Lobau's Reserve VI Corps
  • start researching the Prussians
While some parts depend on the right figures being available, others are just a matter of organisation and time. But I don't plan to work on it alone, some of the bulk painting will need to be outsourced, otherwise there is no way I'd make the 200th Anniversary.

I'd also like to dedicate some more time for playing some games. As most of my time comes in little parcels it is easier to focus on reducing the lead mountain, than getting games going. But there is a special satisfaction in playing with your creation.

So thank you, loyal readers, for your comments and clicks. Without this important feedback, not many blog posts would have been written. Currently the level of visits to the site is the highest it has ever been, which is a validation for the effort in writing contributions, and a motivation to keep writing.

What would you like to see? I am happy to take suggestions. Let me know in the comments and I will do my best to accommodate the requests.

Looking forward to the next 100 posts.


  1. Congratulations on the 100th post and I look forward to ready the next 100 :)

  2. great blog firns


  3. Well done. I'm inspired by sites like yours to delve into 10mm.
    Going to take a while to catch up to the @4000 figures you have!

  4. Hello!

    How did you do with the Hanoverians? I have been thinking of doing a head swap with Prussian Landwehr on British Line - maybe?

    Do Bend Sinister/Redline make them yet?