Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saxe-Weimar's Brigade

Saxe Weimar's Brigade
Just finished the 28th Orange Regiment which with the 2nd Nassau Regiment, finishes off Saxe-Weimar's Brigade. Also painted the 7th Belgian Line, part of Byland's Brigade in the 2nd Netherlands Division.

Belgians up close
Nice to paint different colour combinations. For the Belgians, I used the British line (in Belgic shako's funny enough) with a blue, grey and red scheme. They look quite smart. Shame there weren't too many more of them. I am waiting for some British in stovepipes and greatcoats for the Dutch Belgian Militia, just so I can tell them apart easily. Should be quick to paint as well.

I haven't found a flag yet for either regiments . If anyone has any pointers please let me know. I've left the flagpoles bare.

I will work on the conversions for the Brigade leaders and Perponcher a bit later.
7th Belgian line in a line
28th Orange Nassau Regiment
28th Orange Nassau with the 2nd Nassau in the background

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