Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picton's Finest

Kempt's Brigade in the rear, Pack's in the foreground
Picton's 5th Division, the Reserve, had some of the most battle experienced of the Allied army at Waterloo. Many of the Regiments had fought against the French during the Peninsular War. The Reserve was under the direct control of Wellington during both Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Picton was wounded at Quatre Bras and hid the fact. Unfortunately he was killed by a musket ball to the head during Waterloo two days later. Wellington mixed in inexperienced units (Hanovarians) in with the experienced ones.

Once again, nice Redline figures. I have painted the first two brigades - Kempt's and Pack's. Half of them were painted last year, and I had been putting off the rest. Bit the bullet and all done. Waiting for Si to get some Hanovarians made up to fill out the last Brigade in the division, 4 battalions of Hanoverian Landwehr.

Completed in the Division so far 240 Infantry, 2 Leaders, 6 guns and 18 crew -

Kempt's 8th Brigade
Kempt's 95th, 28th, 32nd and 79th
  • 28th North Gloucestershire
  • 32nd Cornwall
  • 79th Cameron Highlanders
  • 1/95th Rifles
Pack's 9th Brigade
  • 1st Royal Scots 
  • 42nd Highlanders "The Back Watch"
  • 44th  East Essex
  • 92nd Gordon Highlanders
Artillery Major Hiess
  • Two batteries RFA
Also have Picton to do himself.

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