Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making Rivers

I cut the river shapes out of 3mm MDF, making sure the ends were about the same size - 30mm. I used a bandsaw, but a jigsaw works fine as well.

I then bevelled the sides with some sand paper, so they blend into the table. I then undercoated the MDF with some primer spray to seal the MDF.

Using some blue house paint, a sample pot I got at the local hardware store, I painted the blue middles of the pieces. Don't worry about the brush stokes, it looks like water flow. You could do more colours on top if you like.

I ran some white glue down each edge and sprinkled on the coloured ballast I use for basing figures. When that dries. I stuck on some long grass tufts for reeds, then some more white glue dabbed along the sides and put some flock on.

Lastly I stuck a bit of clump foliage for bushes.

Pretty quick to do and looks not too bad for 10mm. They will represent rivers 30mm wide in my games. I need to make up some junctions and maybe a ford or two. I will also make some narrower strips for creeks, maybe 15mm.
Painting the middle blue
Edges with coloured ballast
Some tufts for variety
Finished rivers showing flocking
Some of the different shapes


  1. Great idea. Rivers have been a problem for me for some time (I have been using felt). I will give this a try.

    Greg C.

  2. Cheap and cheerful! I like it. For my own tastes, I'd probably go with a muddy green-brown rather than a blue, but i like the technique and the look of the finished product.