Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brigade in a chocolate box

Recovering from Easter's chocolate induced diabetic coma, I happened on this little idea - Lindt chocolate boxes for storing 10mm figures.

The low metal tins are a perfect hight for 10mm figures. The box is big enough to fit at least a brigade. The magnetic bases stick nicely to the metal box, not too strong, but enough to reduce movement inside. They stack well as a bonus, making it easy to organise the armies. Disadvantage is you can't see what is inside.

It may be considered psychological warfare if I turn up to a game with boxes of chocolates only to reveal my armies within.

Now all I have to do is eat 30 more boxes of these to fit all the figures in! Another long term project.

Magnetic bases stick to the metal tin
Heavy cavalry brigade with some artillery 


  1. Oh, the sacrifices one makes for one's hobby! :)

  2. Brigade in a box! What a great idea!

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