Sunday, April 22, 2012

Belgian Militia and Jaegers

Belgian Militia and 27th Jaegers
The last part of Bylandt's Brigade infantry is done - three battalions of Belgian Militia - 5th, 7th  and 8th as well as the 27th Jaegers. They now join the 7th Belgian line. I also painted up some Skirmishers for the 2nd Brigade.

I used greatcoated British in Stovepipes from Redline for the Militia. There were some minor conversions in some figures for the field caps to give a more Militia look. I cut the shako off above the brim and flattened a small ball of greenstuff to make the cap. Painted them blue with an orange band. Works for a few in the battalion, wouldn't want to do a few hundred of them. I also used the Nassau officer for the command.

The skirmishers were using French skirmishers from the Redline range, with the badges cut off and painted in the green uniforms.

I only have some Dutch and Belgian Artillery and Van Merlen's Light Cavalry to complete the Brigade.

Militia command with MG Bylandt
Detail of command with converted drummer
Skirmishers for Saxe-Weimar's Brigade

Skirmish command
Dutch Jaegers made from French line skirmishers 
Saxe-Weimar's Brigade
Bylandt's Brigade 
Perponcher's 2nd Netherlands Division


  1. Nice work - coming along really well !

    I must have a go with some 10's soon - which brand are you basing yours on ?


  2. I use Litko bases - the 0.8mm plywood with the magnetic sheet underneath. See for more details.

  3. Great job, they look really good, I had the same Dutch/Belgians to go with my british Army but in 15mm. keep up the good work.