Friday, April 13, 2012

Flags for the war room

I was looking for some life sized Napoleonic flags to provide some suitable atmosphere to the war room . After asking the collective wisdom of at this post  - I was put on to this German Flag site . Google translate was essential to work out which is which, since my German is not real good.

Having a look through the many options I opted for a French 1st Line Flag and two British Flags from the 1st Foot Guards - a King's Colour and a Regimental Colour.

The price seemed very reasonable 70 euros each for the larger British flags and 50 euros for the French flag. Postage was a flat 3 euro to Australia! This was cheap compared to the $1000's asked by the re-enactor groups for embroided flags. And for a wall decoration, I thought it was worth a go.

Nicely folded in the package
A few weeks later, after almost forgetting about them,  a small package arrived with the flags. Opening it up I saw them neatly wrapped up - WOW! They are life sized - so the French was 80cm square and the British 180 x 190cm. You can see how a standard in battle was important., even these replica's were stirring.

They are screen printed on a synthetic material with a nice clear resolution. The same material as other flags. The material has an open weave which make it slightly transparent. The colours a bright clear and uniform, The French had a gold fringe, and able to be mounted on a pole. The British had eyelets rather than a sleeve for the pole. The edging was all hemmed and well finished with nice straight stitching. The writing was edged in black, helping it to really stand out. There is a nice bulk to the material without being too heavy.

One small disadvantage on the screen print is that there is no reverse of the flag, which is not a big issue as I am covering the wall with them.

Overall I am very impressed and will definitely order some more. Once I start my Prussian 1815 army I can see a Prussian flag joining them (after I work out which flag is which).  I'll be renovating the war room over the next few weeks and hanging these on the wall.

Highly recommended.
Vive l'Empereur

A little picture of the enclosed flag

1st Foot Guards Regimental Colours

British 1st Foot Guards Kings Colours
Detail of the French printing


  1. Good stuff - they look completely brilliant !

    Might have to get me some of them as well. The whole project is coming along nicely.

    Also the river sections - good job on that, I did my first batch using calico, and they worked sort of OK, but I will be using 3mm MDF for the next lot.

    Keep up the good work !

  2. Brilliant stuff, Karim! I know what I'll be asking for for my birthday!

  3. Heh, sorry, but your 1st Foot Guards Colours are labeled backwards...Guards were different than Line.

  4. Thanks for correcting that, it is fixed now. You learn something every day.