Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting the Union Brigade together

How do we stop this thing?
Heavy cavalry has been missing from my current forces. I've started with the Union Brigade from Uxbridge's Reserve Cavalry Corps. Its made up of the 1st Dragoons (English), 2nd Dragoons (Scot's Greys) and the 6th Dragoons ("Inskillings" Irish), hence the "union".  They achieved a bit of notoriety at Waterloo with an out of control charge. I supposed they got a bit carried away. They were not present at Quatre Bras but I thought they would be a good addition to the Allied forces.

I've painted the Scots Greys and the Inskillings, 24 of each.

The figures are from the Redline range, dead easy to paint, and well proportioned. The new black "magic wash" did a great job on the Grey's horses. Undercoated white, painted the horse tack brown, coloured a few manes and tails black and grey, then a wash.

Scotland Forever!
Just need the 1st Dragoons and Ponsonby's brigade is finished. Maybe find a figure for Ponsonby himself.

Two regiments of French Cuirassiers are next to match them.

More pictures below.

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