Monday, November 14, 2011

Limber up

I have finished 12 French Line limbers today. I configured six with guns and six without. I now have enough limbers etc to cover all my current French Artillery in an artillery park. This is something I would never been able to do in 28mm. So far I have painted up 22 bases for the French artillery park
  • 12 Limbers
  • 6 Supply Wagons
  • 4 Forges
There are six French ammunition caissons left to do, probably after I make a few more batteries for them to support.

As part of "Republic to Empire" artillery has a limited ammunition supply. At the moment I represent this with some dice place next to the battery. I plan on making a scenic block that goes in between the limbers etc that will have a place for some 5mm dice to be slotted in. I'll decorate it with some various artillery accessories, probably make a mould and cast them in resin. They could be used by any nation.


  1. Hello,

    Could you publish some photos of the forge´s?

    I like your paint, but your bases i think you maybe try to do whith Pvc to the base and put less grass. Is my opinion. But nice work.


  2. Thanks Sergio,

    I agree, the grass had just been put on so is a bit thick, when the glue dries, I shake out the excess.

    The forges have pictures here

    They are from Magister Militum, and are a bit bigger figures than Redlines