Wednesday, April 27, 2011

KGL Light Cavalry

As a break from painting infantry, I've been working on a KGL light cavalry brigade - the 1st KGL Hussars and the 1st KGL Light Dragoons. It's not in the Quatre Bras OOB, but I thought I could substitute them for the 3rd Cavalry Dutch-Belgian Brigade (6th Dutch Hussars and  5th Belgian Light Dragoons). The reason I didn't paint those was that the uniforms didn't match the castings I had.

I'll add them into the Black Duke's escape campaign somewhere along the line. I'm sure the KGL would like to help their cousins escape from the French. Two regiments of French Chasseurs are awaiting painting to match them.

Figures are Redline from Bend Sinister. Nice castings, very quick to paint - about 6 hours including basing for 50 mounted.
1st KGL Light Dragoons

1st KGL Hussars
I realised a bit late they had no standard bearers, so had to cut off the poles and paint silver to pretend they were swords


  1. That are some nice painted figures Karim! As a Napoleonic fan I like them a lot!
    Pity these are to small for my old eyes. I'll stay on my 1/72 figures ;-)


  2. thats amazing painting don't know how you do it keep up the great work