Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quatre Bras practice run

Overview of the battlefield. North is to the right of the photo
I thought being June I'd set up a practice game of the Battle of Quatre Bras. This is the battle I have been working towards on my 10mm project and it was a good opportunity to see how much progress has been made over the last 18 months. This is the first game in the newly redecorated War Room, a nice way to christen it.

There are obvious gaps in both the terrain and OOB, but where possible I'll use proxies. I might get a chance to finish some more units as I go. One of the big gaps is the leader bases - Prince of Orange, Reille, Ney, Division and Brigade commanders.

I'll be using "Republic to Empire" as the rules, and try out some scenario specific additions. As I am travelling a fair bit in the next month or so, this will be a multipart blog entry as I "slowly" play the game. It probably be a solo effort as I will be doing bits when I get a chance.

The terrain is mostly done. The Board is 8' x 6', which is almost enough. Bossu Wood came out well, it maybe needs to be a little denser, but the effect is there. The roads are temporary using gasket cork, they will need to improve. The creek is more like a river, again something to improve. I am undecided about the field placement, I'll do some more research before putting them on. Don't be surprised if they appear in later pictures. I'm not happy with the hills either - a rough layout, but need to do a closer match to the contours from the maps.
A view of Gemioncourt in the midground with Quatre Bras in the distance

Looking to the north east
The buildings of Quatre Bras seem ok. Gemioncourt needs to be redone, I am using a my version of La Haye Sainte as a proxy. Overall not too bad for a first attempt.

The starting troops for the Allies are from the 2nd Netherlands Division under Perponcher and the Prince of Orange. The first round of reinforcements at 2pm will be parts of Pictons Divison (done) and the Dutch Belgian Light Cavalry (which I need some proxies for). The rest of the later reinforcements I have done with the exception of the Hanoverian forces. I am waiting for some new Redline figures from Bend Sinister to get them done.

I have most of the French done. The starting troops are the 5th Infantry Division, II Corps cavalry, Guard Cavalry (Chasseurs a Cheval almost painted) and Guard Horse Artillery (not done yet, some Old Guard Foot Artillery as proxies). The next waves of forces are all done.

French initial deployment on the southern side
I'll draw up a schedule of reinforcements and OOB for the scenario. I was toying with a way of randomising who turned up when to create the confusion of the battle.

So ready to draw up the battle rosters, some initial admin then roll for initiative. What I really like about Quatre Bras is the build up nature of the game, it starts quite small then more and more troops are added to the fray.

I have bought a copy of the Piquet rules with some scenario cards and the Theatre of War Campaign supplement, with the idea of helping the solo play. I haven't really worked it out yet, but might use the scenario cards to simulate the fog of war element.

I've just noticed that the blog has collected over 25,000 views. A big thanks to all those who have read and commented, it has been a wonderful journey so far. 2015 is not too far off and progress seems good.

Quatre Bras to the North

Gemioncourt with Belgian Line and Dutch Militia
Nassau 28th Regiment and some Jaegers at the edge of Bossu Wood
2nd Nassau Regiment in Quatre Bras ready to move South


  1. Love the setup. Always great to see a good battlefield realised!

  2. We did this in 6mm using Grand Armee rules - 2 tables side by side (i.e.two re-runs at the same time!).


  3. Looking superb! Quite a project to undertake.


  4. Excellent blog... just watched volume one of the Waterloo collection DVD on Quatre Bras and Ligny so great to see this post

  5. Very nice set up...looking for more!