Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Old Maps - 1815 Campaign

George Hooper's excellent 1889 book "Waterloo - the Downfall of the first Napoleon" had five beautifully drawn maps in the end of the book. In online scanned copies of the book, these have been omitted or badly done. I could not find any decent copies of the maps online. I have scanned them in so others may see the elegant plates on different aspects of the campaign.

Click for larger versions of the maps. They are scanned in at 300dpi so they print out quite well, the detail is very clear. There are some blemishes on the original plates, but I think they add to the look. Hopefully they are some use to people.

General Map of 1815 campaign area
Quatre Bras between 4pm and 5pm
Waterloo at 11am
Waterloo 5.30pm


  1. Great find, Karim! Thanks.

    Do you have a copy of the original 1889 edition?!

    1. Yes I do, in pretty good condition too. Great read. I reviewed it in an earlier blog post in August.

  2. Great blog you have here Karim. Although I'm not going to be gaming in 10mm (already started the investment of my penniless future into 28mm) I very impressed with your output and beautifully painted 10mm collection.

    Are you going to re-create all the forces at Waterloo / Waterloo campaign in 10mm?

    With regards the maps are they to scale? if so does that mean the forces shown are to scale as well? Does George Hooper say anything about the scale of the maps?

    Best regards


    1. Yes, that is the idea Mark. I have almost got the Quatre Bras OOB's complete, which is a bit under 1/3 of the Waterloo ones. I haven't started the Prussians, that is for late 2013. Eventually I'd like to have the OOB's for Ligny as well, though not sure if it will be ready by 2015.

      Yes the maps are to scale, see the lower left or right for the scale. The forces look about right for the scale. They were some very compressed battles in that campaign


  3. Also it is worth having a look at some of the Siborne maps at