Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chasseurs a Cheval of the line

The French line Chasseurs a Cheval were the less glamorous cousins of the Hussars. They did much of the work for the light calvary, and had a good record both on and off the battlefield.

Below are two regiments - the 3rd and the 6th, 48 figures in total representing 960 men. The 3rd had red facings and the 6th yellow. The figures are from Redine, well cast with good detail for 10mm. There were five different poses for the troops as well as a standard bearer, trumpeter and captain, giving a good variety of poses and movement in the rank and file. A little touch up needed on some of the flags.

One lancer regiment (the 5th) still to paint then I'll have enough for a light brigade. The horse artillery is already done and waiting for them.

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  1. They, along with the rest of your 10mm Napoleonics look great.

    Im trying to clear up all my unfinished projects so i can finally start on my own Redline stuff.

    Nice blog!! And ive added it to my blog list.