Wednesday, May 2, 2012

War room upgrade

Before -  game table in middle and everything else around the outside
The time has come to get serious about the "War Room". I am fortunate to have a whole room to use, but it isn't being used to it's full potential. The current storage situation consists of piles of boxes and various containers around the sides of the room. Terrain is getting a bit dusty on the shelves. Dust is a bit of an issue, as my workshop in the same building and I don't always close the doors between the rooms.

Nothing seems to have a permanent home. While striving for order in my armies, it is a shame there is no order in their presentation. Some random pictures hang crooked on the walls.

Preparing for the new shelves
While I have a good map storage cabinet under the table, there is no order in what is in it and it seems under utilised. The random stuff around the edges of the room limits the space for the main table in the middle.

I think you get the idea.

So the plan to change it into a more inspiring place :

  • Removal of junk, cleanup, sort out and maybe a sell unused stuff
  • Get most of the stuff off the floor where it can get stepped on! And have a dust free floor.
  • Wall decorations - some recently bought full size flags to cover the empty walls, re-hang pictures in some order, Grenadier a Cheval sword on the wall
  • Storage - trip to IKEA to get a selection of Billy shelves with doors and extra glass shelves. There are two tall shelves in the middle with glass doors for display and three half shelves with solid doors to hide boxes and other stuff. The tops of the half shelves can be used in games for rules, troop removals etc.
  • Sort and order the display and storage of armies, projects, terrain and books. Needs to be inspiring and dust proof
  • Free up the painting station so there is more room for WIP
  • Make sure there is enough space around the game table to move well. I use three 6' x 4' MDF boards as a base so can have up to 12' x 6' for games
  • Make a map table for a campaign map to be separate from the game table

Ikea shipment ready for the allen key
After - dust free storage and order 
Flags, notice board, map table

Extra glass shelves for miniatures
Painting table
Lots of storage to hide the mess