Monday, October 31, 2011


The Rocketeers looking for some French to scare
Whinyates' RHA Rocket troop from British Cavalry Reserve Corps. These were painted as a diversion from the French Line I was doing this weekend (108 line and 36 light).

They were Magister Militum figures, who are the only ones who make a 10mm rocket troop. The men are HUGE compared to the usual Redline proportions. But as a one off, they will be fine. Easier than scratch building them. The set comes with three rockets, 12 men and a limber/wagon. There are no horses, so I thought I would do a little scene with a couple of spares men unloading some more rockets.

The rules I use, Republic to Empire, don't have a  Rocket section, so I think I will need some house rules. Something that randomises the direction and distance, to simulate the random nature of the ordinance. I don't think they will cause casualties, but rather force a morale check with a -2 modifier or something, enough to shake a nervous unit, but not enough to shake a solid one.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celebrations and a Parade

9 months work (with a break in the middle)
Wow, 10,000 visitors in 9 months. I am amazed by the interest in my little project. I really appreciate the comments that people leave. Its a great encouragement when the pile of lead is so high (even with figures only 10mm high)

This calls for a celebratory parade.

All the troops I have painted this year have been set up on the board. 653 Infantry, 204 Cavalry, 32 guns with 96 crew, 16 limbers and 28 leaders. Not a bad start. I'll need to work harder to get closer to 2015.

Brunswick Corps

British Division

French Cavalry Division and Line Division
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Very British Weekend

To celebrate Her Royal Majesty's visit to my town, I thought I would paint up a few British units to boost their numbers.

First off the rank were two British line units to complete Pack's Brigade. The 1st Royal Scots, also know as the Pontius Pilots bodyguards, had blue facings. The 44th East Essex, known as the Little Fighting Fours due to a large number of short soldiers serving in the unit in the Peninsular, had the yellow facing. They joined the previously painted 42nd Black Watch and the 92nd Gordon Highlanders. As part of Pictons 5th Reserve Division, there were some of the most experienced fighters during the Hundred days.

1st and 44th (left two) joining the 42nd and 92nd (right)

Both were part of the Redline range, fast to paint and well proportioned. I tried out a new magic wash formula (more about that in another post) which worked out really well until I tried to matt coat them with varnish. Not sure what happened but went frosted, dulled all the colours and generally looked pretty ordinary. I've tried to touch up the colours, but not a great improvment. Unfortunately not my best effort.

1/95th formed up and 2/95th in skirmish order
Next were two battalions of the 95th Rifles, one formed up and one skirmished. There were 3 battalions of the famous "Grasshoppers" at Waterloo as part of a couple of brigades - Kempt, and Adam. Kept's are the next brigade to paint as part of Picton's 5th Division. The rifles were part of the GH range, which are very detailed. I must admit I don't like their swords. They maybe the correct proportions but they seem very wispy to me, and bendy.

Finally to clear my painting desk, I finished off some British RHA limbers that had been sitting there for months. I wasn't happy with the colour my old magic wash turned the grey of the limbers (all brown and muddy), so I tried out my new black version, much better. The riders were quickly finished and based up to join a RHA battery done earlier.
Some of Redline's 4 horse RHA limbers

Limbers supporting a RHA battery

So now I have a brigade + of British to take on the French. Probably another weekend would see Kempt's brigade done and enough for a reasonable battle, with some help from the Brunswick. Now I need to pay attention to some French line, who at the moment are hopelessly out numbered about 13:7! Back to the blue and white.

1/95th and 2/95th (right), Pack's Brigade (centre right), KGL Hussars and Light Dragoons (centre left), RHA battery and limbers (right)

So I hope Her Majesty is pleased at my busy work.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forging Ahead

Here the field forges are with Old Glory Supply Wagons.
I seem to be back on a roll with painting again. One of the projects sitting on the bench for a while was 4 French field forges from Magister Militum. These were part of building an Artillery Park, that Republic to Empire requires. Representing the various cassions, limbers and other supply elements makes it a little more realistic on the table. In 10mm this is very affordable to make.

I got two packets with two forges in each - one Line and one Guard.

Guard in front, Line behind
I found the Magistum Militium's figures alot chunkier than the Redline ones I am used to. At a distance the proportion difference are not as noticable. The forges however are superb. There was even an anvil and a bucket. I decided to keep these separate for other little diorama work later.

I still have 12 limbers and 6 cassions to finish to round out the various French Artillery parks.

A full artillery park with 2 batteries and supporting vehicles

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brunswick Corps 1815 Completed

I have finally finished the Brunswick Corps from 1815. I started full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the year and then got distracted with other side projects. After a mammoth effort over the last two days of painting the last 100 figures and basing them we're done.

The miniatures are all from Bend Sinister's Redline Range, except for the Ulhans and Leaders which are Old Glory conversions.

The OOB was taken from Quatre Bras with a few units beefed up a little. This I think represents the Brunswickers at their largest so could be useful for other battles. Its a nicely balanced Corps (actually more a Division) with a good mix of the three arms. Its a shame they were not that effective.

Now I need to ensure there are enough French to do battle with them.

I have divided them into three brigades - Light, Line and combined Cavalry and Artillery.

Light Brigade
Light Brigade
Avant Guard/ Jaegers Battalion 30 figures (600 men)
Lieb Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
1st Light Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
2nd Light Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
3rd Light Battalion 36 figures (720 men)

Line Brigade
Line Brigade
1st Line Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
2nd Line Battalion 36 figures (720 men)
3rd Line Battalion 36 figures (720 men)

Artillery / Cavalry Brigade
Cavalry / Artillery Brigade
Horse artillery 4 guns (8 guns)
Foot Artillery 4 guns (8 guns)
Ulhans 12 figures (240men)
Hussars 48 figures (960 men)

Infantry 282 figures (5640 men)
Cavalry 60 figures (1200 men)
Artillery 8 guns (16 guns)

More pictures after the break

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little fortifications finished

Made a mold and did some trial casting in resin today.  I used the Amazing Mold Putty a two part putty that mixes in a minute and sets in about 20. Its not the most robust putty, but fine for short runs.

I used the Amazing Casting Resin which cures in 10 minutes. Second time around was better than the first, less air bubbles. Overall a great little product.

The gabion master turned out a little disappointing - looking a bit squashed. I'll paint it up and see how it went before having another go at making the master. The tent was dismal, so I made a new master and mold.

I'm very pleased at the fortifications, especially the modular nature of them. I'll cast up a number of batteries worth to have as options for games.

Putty mixed and over the masters

Masters of the redoubts

Two part casting resin that sets in about 10 minutes

Resin at about 5 minutes starting to cure

Resin cured at 10 minutes

First results, a few air bubbles and a bit of over pour but nothing a bit of sandpaper and a knife can't fix.

Brown spray undercoat
Click to see them finished ...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Some little fortifications masters

In a small break from painting, I thought I would try making a few little scenics for the artillery. I haven't been able to find any suitable gabions or fortifications in 10mm. So a bit of greenstuff and air drying clay was used for the masters. I plan on making molds of them when they dry and cast them in resin, so the masters are pretty generic.

Prototypes gabions made out of bluetac to get the sizing right
3 gabions in a group like this could either be the front or the side

Wooden fortifications for one and two guns

Testing for size

With the air dry clay as earthworks, before texturing. This shows the two together making a corner.

Greenstuff gabions and a tent

Now back to painting while these dry. I hope to make up the molds over the next few days.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Black Duke has arrived!

The Duke pointing something out to his staff - probably a hiding Frenchman
With my Brunswick 100 days force nearly completed (2 units of Lights to go), my focus has shifted to make sure they are ably led. No manufacturer that I am aware of makes a 10mm Brunswick command (not a big seller) so conversion was the only option.

A few months ago I picked up a packet of 10mm Old Glory Prussian Generals with the view of using them as a base. Old Glory has some inconsistent scaling with its mounted figures.  Some of the riders look a lot smaller than others, but from a distance it is not noticeable as long as you base them seperately.

The Black Duke just needed a longer shabraque. One of his ADC's had his bicorne cut off and replace with a small ball of greenstuff and flattened. Two brigade commanders needed bicornes cut off and replaced with shakos and plumes as well as the saddles fixed. The other Brigade commander just needed a saddle adjustment.

There is always a bit of fiddling getting Old Glory riders to sit on the horses. While is in nice to have interchangeable horses, there is a fair bit of fiddling around to get them to sit well. This is ok for half a dozen command figures, but I'm not to keen on doing this for a heavy calvary division. Much easier having them moulded as one unit like Redline or Pendraken.

The foot officer with a telescope is left over from the Brunswick Horse Artillery pack from GHQ. A little tall compared to the riders, but slim enough to disguise it.

Painting is pretty straight forward, and I think they turned out quite well. 10mm is easy to convert as distance and smallness is on your side.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Speed basing discovery

Old way of glueing sand on
One of the things that takes time in the basing of the figures is paining the ground (sand) before flocking. With 10mm figures there is not a lot of space between the ranks and you need to take care on not covering the troops in mud paint.

Old Method

  1. Stick the figures to the base with super glue (hint - licking thr base makes the super glue set fast)
  2. Carefully push PVA Glue between the figures and dip the base in sand. Allow to dry.
  3. Dilute dark brown paint and carefully painted around each one. Allow to dry.
  4. Dry brush medium brown. Allow to dry.
  5. Dry brush light brown. Allow to dry.
  6. Attach Silfor tufts
  7. Spread patches of PVA and then shake flock onto it. Allow to dry.
  8. Adding paint to the base careful not to paint the men
  9. Done

With the drying time it can take over a day or so to base a few unit.

I found some coloured fine ballast that the model railway guys used and thought this would speed things up. I bought two different kinds to mix together - light and dark brown.

New Method

  1. Stick the figures to the base with super glue (hint - licking the base makes the super glue set fast)
  2. Carefully push PVA Glue between the figures and dip the base in sand. 
  3. Attach Silfor tufts while glue is still wet. Allow to dry.
  4. Spread patches of PVA and then shake flock onto it. Allow to dry.
  5. New super small coloured ballast
  6. Done

One step now replaces a bunch of steps and waiting time

The end result, pretty good and much faster

Done in one sitting of under an hour. No mud paint on the troops. Nice result. Fast and worth the $10 for a bucket of ballast.